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Data Brewery

Data Brewery is a collection of open-source data warehouse libraries and tools.


Lightweight distributed online analytical processing (OLAP) framework and server. Used for analytical modelling and aggregated browsing. Serves as a foundation for reporting and analytical applications.

Links: Project Home, Github sources, Documentation


Experimental data integration framework based on metadata composition of abstract data objects. Keeps the data in their natural

Links: Project Home, Github sources, Documentation


Small utility library for embedding arithmetic expressions parser and compiler into other libraries and applications.

Links: Github (contains documentation)

Legacy Projects

Note: The following projects are not maintained any more, they are listed here for software archaeologists to not to be forgotten.

StepTalk (ObjectiveC) – Smalltalk interpreter and scripting framework that allows scripting of ObjectiveC objects using the Smalltalk language. Official GNUstep scripting framework. Used to work on early Cocoa

AgentFarms (ObjectiveC) – Simlation framework with support for multi-agent based simulations. Used portable distributed objects for running simlator remotely and observing the state through a “Farmer” graphical application.

Develpment Kit (ObjectiveC) – DevelKit Framework is an GNUstep/early Cocoa framework with tools for reading, understanding and generating source code from other applications

XY (ObjectiveC) – Simple graph drawing framework for GNUstep/early Cocoa, scriptable with StepTalk

Various contributions to the GNUstep project.