Štefan Urbánek

Stefan Urbanek

Software engineer, data warehousing practitioner, with passion for complexity science and poietic things.

Currently on sabbatical, I am exploring the world of complex systems, virtual evolution, non-linear languages and collective sense making through virtual experimentation.


Industry Specialisation

Engineering Specialisation

Values: System’s adaptability, ecosystem’s technology agnosticism and transparency of data quality.

Creative Engineering Specialisation


Non-governmental Organisations:

Open-Source Portfolio


A multi-dimensional conceptual data framework and server. The main features are OLAP and aggregated browsing with default relational database, multi-dimensional analysis, logical view of analysed data. The purpose was to focus on how analysts look at data, how they think of data, not not how the data are physically implemented in the data stores, hierarchical conceptual dimensions. The framework is SQL-dialect agnostic and uses relational-algebra with dialect-specific compilers to generate concrete database queries.

Links: Project Home, Github sources, Documentation


An experimental Python framework for data processing and data quality measurement. Basic concept are abstract data objects, operations and dynamic operation dispatch.

Links: Project Home, Github sources, Documentation


Small utility library for embedding arithmetic expressions parser and compiler into other libraries and applications.

Links: Github (contains documentation)

Step Talk

Smalltalk implementation on top of Objective C runtime. Used as a scripting framework for creating scriptable servers or applications. StepTalk, when combined with the dynamism that the Objective-C language provides, goes way beyond mere scripting. It is written using GNUstep.

Links: Github


Was a toolkit for multi-agent based simulations written in ObjectiveC. Featured iterative simulator, simulation server, data probing and collecting mechanism and virtual laboratory application (Farmer) to control and visualize the simulation.

Links: Github

Other minor libraries from the past:

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